Fine Art // Expressive. Bold. Daring.

“We curate works that are the ultimate expressions of emotion, reflections of humanity and an extension of ourselves.

Our masterworks emerge from places of humility, dedication, passion, weakness and strength. “

The Newfield Gallery is committed to:

  • Promoting fine art with an emphasis on:
    • Daring and unexpected color theory
    • Dynamic compositions with identifiable typologies
    • Highly considered atmospheric qualities.
    • Diagonal and subtle approach to social and political commentary
  • Connecting luxury art collectors with emerging artists
  • Organizing events with multiple artists and galleries
  • Brokering sales of luxury fine art works

Our works are produced and sold only once; we do not manufacture or sell prints or reproductions of our collection. The Newfield Gallery contains the ultimate in scarcity commodities.

If you would like to become a member of The Newfield Gallery and  you would like your work featured in The Newfield Gallery and sold through The Newfield Gallery, then email and we will send you an application for admission.